New Years Resolutions

Hi, here I am! I ghosted for QUITE some time in the latter half of 2016, but I’m back and ready to do this thing.

Here’s the thing: Posting 1 blog is really not that time consuming. My witty blog banter comes naturally (LOL kidding), and it’s not like my recipe photos are high quality. It should have been easy peezy for me to post all of the delish recipes I made for myself during the fall and early winter.

But it wasn’t. I fell behind on a blog post. Then it was 2 blog posts. Before I knew it, I had 100 photos on my phone of recipes where I couldn’t even remember the measurements or prices of the ingredients anymore. Then, “catching up on my blog” became a daunting, impossible task. It became an “I need to have an entire day free, and I need to get up at 7am and continue to do this until I’m caught up” type situation. It was a monster living in my brain essentially saying, “No, Melia, you cannot have hobbies. Quit it.”

I love making up new, innovative, healthy recipes. It keeps me motivated and excited about my fitness regime. The fact that I was neglecting to blog was totally bad for me. I came to a realization: I cannot do everything. I get home most days at 7, and by the time I work out and cook, I’m eating at 9. Not exactly conducive to having time to blog about anything.

I overcommitted, so I actually committed to nothing.

“Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” Peter Marshall


I saw this quote on my Facebook news feed the other day, and I loved it. I decided I can’t try and be a daily blogger because, well, I have a day job, and a side job, and a lot of other conflicting priorities. It’s not feasible. I’d rather do less blog posts than no blog posts at all.

So here is 2017. I’m going to blog at least once per month this year. That is my goal, and I’m sticking to it. In the meantime, I’ll be Instagramming my meals regularly on @yuppiekitchen to keep sharing what I’m making, even if I can’t post the full recipe.

Hold me to it!


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